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TheVedicHerbal is one of the most successful enterprises that originated from a very modest beginnings, but within a short period of time they acquired the status of large business houses. Dr. Pawan Kumawat established Pawan Clinic in India since 2005. In a two-room rented clinic, Dr. Pawan made rapid progress, and within a short period of time TheVedicHerbal started Ayurvedic manufacturing and eventually became popular for its star products, especially health products and effective herbal medicines. TheVedicHerbal became a household name throughout India.

TheVedicHerbal believes in combining the common and natural worlds. This update creates traditional herbal medicines and products from plants, using the most modern machines and techniques.

Through this pharmacy, he has presented those drug formulations which succssded successful during clinical trail in the form of patent capsules and tablets to Ayurveda. This is the reason why this patent product is getting special praise. We also manufacture the popular classical products that are used in medicine, all medicines are manufactured by the method described in the scriptures. Only organic and indigenous herbs is used, not using any chemical fertilizer in the production of medicine, all the raw materials and manufactured medicines are fully controlled by trained technicians with their state-of-the-art machinery. We strive to protect the environment and keep users safe from harmful chemicals and other toxins. We are dedicated to Ayurveda, striving to maintain your faith.What started as a small clinic is today THEVEDICHERBALPVT LTD company. Whose products is world class & world famous all across the world. We’ve grown manifold and are continuously growing even today. No matter how big we grow, we have stayed committed to our vision. At the heart of THEVEDICHERBALis our commitment to be a living embodiment of accuracy and consciousness.

With THEVEDICHERBALyou are naturally without efforts unfold the most beautiful healthy side of your life. Please do not hesitate to contact us if you have any questions about our products or about Ayurveda. So for this the entire team of “THEVEDICHERBAL”are ready to help you. We will be very delighted to serving you.

TheVedicHerbalas an Industry

The central structure of TheVedicHerbalis located in Bhopal, the industrial hub of India, Headquarters of TheVedicHerbal in Indore, Madhya Pradesh, TheVedicHerbal Bhopal factories are equipped with state-of-the-art machinery and equipment to meet modern requirements of quality and standard. “Quality at all costs” is always TheVedicHerbal’ priority.

Its more than 100 herbal medicines (syrups, capsules, tablets, avaleh, oil, powder , etc.) are based on the principles of Ayurvedic medicine method. Its top-seller is a health test. It has a team of over 60 people across the country, including Hakim, doctors, scientists, pharmacists, technicians and other skilled employees.

The progress of an organization – in fact, its existence – depends on its customers. Therefore, their satisfaction is of prime importance. In today’s industry, ISO certification is the test of choice. TheVedicHerbalIndia’s ISO 9001: 2015 and GMP certifications are proof of its high quality management systems, and its commitment to conform to its strict regulatory requirements.

By choosing THEVEDICHERBALyou are actively participate in our mission to create a sustainable “FIT INDIA”.




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